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Key Stage 4

Child Development in Year 10 & 11

Key Stage 4 Overview

We offer two types of Key Stage 4 courses to meet the individual needs of different students.  Both the GCSE Child Development course and the CACHE Level 2 Award in Children’s Development and Care course enable students to continue their learning at Key Stage 5 which is now a requirement.  Both courses suit students who are interested in a career working with children or in psychology.  

AQA Home Economics: Child Development (4580)

This course looks at child development from pregnancy to 16 Years.  It considers factors that affect the child pre-birth, during labour and post-birth. 

Topics studied

The family, Planning for a family, Preparing for the baby Provision of a safe environment.


Reproduction, Pre-conceptual care , Pregnancy, Preparation for the birth.

Diet, health and care of the child A healthy diet, Feeding a baby, Weaning, Child care, Feeding the young child, Food related problems, Child health.
Development of the child

Development, Physical development, Intellectual development, Social and emotional development, Learning and play.

Support for the parent and child

Types of support available, Child care provision, Educational and developmental provision.

The course is assessed in three elements:

Unit 1 Written Paper (45801) 1 hour 30 mins – 100 marks – 40% 6–8 compulsory questions comprised of short answer, structured and free response questions. Some questions may include stimulus material.
Unit 2 Research Task (45802) 30 marks – 20%

It is a shorter task than the Child Study and will be based on one of the following areas of the subject content:

  1. Parenthood
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Diet, health and care of the child
  4. Support for the parent and child.

Using one of the AQA-provided Research Tasks, candidates are expected to:

  1. Plan and carry out research and investigations using a variety of primary and secondary sources
  2. Select appropriate information
  3. Collate and present evidence using appropriate techniques
  4. Analyse and evaluate results
  5. Use research and investigations to produce a final outcome, e.g. evaluating this against the original purpose.
Unit 3 Child Study (45803) 60 marks – 40%

It should be a study of a single child under the age of 5 years by the end of the study. It should involve observations of the child through an investigative / problem-solving approach. It is envisaged that the Child Study will address mainly the ’Development of the Child’ section of the subject content.

Using one of the AQA-provided tasks, candidates are expected to:

  1. Carry out observations of a child
  2. Carry out and evaluate appropriate research
  3. Use research to select, plan and justify activities which will enable them to observe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development
  4. Record observations
  5. Analyse and evaluate observations, recognising change and progression in development and comparing against developmental milestones.