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Key Stage 4

RE in Year 9, 10 & 11

Key Stage 4 Overview

As students have only one lesson per week it is necessary to begin the GCSE studies in Year 9. This is to ensure that all the required material is covered thoroughly.

Unit 1 Religion and Life, covers four topics of study

‘Believing in God’ covers reasons why people do or do not believe in God, the creation theories and the issue of evil and suffering in the world, and how religious believers react to this.

‘Matters of life and death’ covers the controversial issues of abortion and euthanasia, and both religious and non-religious attitudes towards these topics.

‘Marriage and the family’ looks at the changing nature of the family and the role religion plays within the family. We also discuss issues that arise within society of the 21st century, including homosexuality and contraception.

‘Religion and community cohesion’ explores how the UK as a society has changed over the last century and the role that both religious and non-religious groups play within our society.

Unit 8 Religion and Society also covers four topics of study:

Rights and responsibilities looks at how Christians make moral decisions and how this impacts on society. We also look at Human Rights and genetic engineering.

 ‘Environmental and medical issues’ studies both Christian, Muslim and scientific views on the environment. It also discusses both religious and ethical views on transplant surgery and infertility treatment.

‘Peace and conflict’ covers the issue of conflict in the world and the work of both religious and non-religious organisations in order to achieve peace. We examine both Christian and Muslim attitudes to conflict and reconciliation.

‘Crime and punishment’ explores law, justice and the reason for punishment within our society. We also discuss Christian, Muslim and non-religious views on issues such as capital punishment and drugs and alcohol.