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Key Stage 4

History in Years 10 &11

Key Stage 4 Overview

In Key Stage 4 students study the OCR History A syllabus, and will be required to develop their ability to understand, analyse and evaluate key features and characteristics of historical periods studied and the relationship between them, based on the following units:

Present Yr10

Paper 1 - Medicine Through Time

Depth Study - Germany 1918 – 1945

Assessment Assessment is through a 2 hour written examination at the end of year 11.
Paper 2 -          Public Health 1800 - 1900
Assessment A 1 hour 30 minute examination at the end of Year 11.
Historical Enquiry - Controlled Assessment on the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
Assessment A controlled assessment is completed during 8 timetabled lessons in Year 11.

New Specification from September 2016

The People’s Health                      (British Theme)

  • To see people from the past as intelligent human beings, who tried as best as they could to maintain healthy lives.

The Elizabethans.                            (British Depth Study)

  • The myth and reality behind the power of the Queen.
  • The threat of invasion and the shadow world of spies and torture chambers.

Local site Study.

  • Put on your boots/trainers and visit a historical site in Britain. This study should fire your curiosity about History

The Making of America.               (World Period)

  • The focus is how and why American territory expanded.
  • The relationship between the Indigenous Americans, African Americans and White Americans.

Living Under Nazi Rule.                (World Depth Study)

  • This unit combines a dark and compelling narrative with important insights into human nature and society.
  • What did shape The Third Reich? What was society like for those who lived under Nazi rule?