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GCSE Media Studies

Creative Media Studies in Year 10 & 11


This course consists of a combination of theory and practical work, studying a range of media areas including:

  • Advertising and Marketing,
  • Print,
  • Film Promotion,
  • Magazine Design.

In each of the set assignments students will need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Knowledge and Understanding,
  • Analysis,
  • Research,
  • Planning,
  • Production,
  • Evaluation.

This course consists of two units and the overall final grade is made up of 60% coursework and 40% Exam.

Unit 1 is the exam element that will take place at the end of Year 11 and Unit 2 is delivered throughout Years 10 and 11. It is made up of 3 separate assignments – each with a practical outcome.

Unit 2 - Assignment 1 Advertising - Introductory Assignment:
The first part of this assignment is to investigate advertising methods and techniques and then to analyse 2 printed advertisements. This will lead to the development, design and production of your own printed poster advertisement for a new fashion label.
Unit 2 - Assignment 2 Film Promotion - Cross-Media Project:

You will look at the conventions of horror films and film promotion and will compare the effectiveness and impact of 2 promotional methods used by one film and then design a DVD cover for the release of a new film.

You will then focus on planning a video trailer for this new film release using the storyboard method.


Unit 2 - Assignment 3 Magazine design - Practical Production and Evaluation
You will be investigating the magazine industry and looking at the conventions of magazine design and language in detail. You will use this knowledge to help you research, plan and develop a number of page-layouts for a new magazine. This will then be evaluated.
Unit 1 - Exam   Investigating the Media.

This is externally assessed and requires candidates to investigate a pre-released media topic in advance of the exam. Around 10 weeks will be dedicated to exam preparation so it is essential that students keep up to date with their coursework (Unit 2) to allow time for this.

For the exam preparation, you will be expected to undertake research and planning, in order to respond to 4 unseen tasks in the actual exam.

The topic for Unit 1 will change each year.