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Case Studies

Case Studies


I chose Art as I have always had an interest in Art, having achieved an A* at GCSE, and was considering studying a degree involving it. Although I’m now planning on doing a degree in History, the independent research involved in Art has prepared me for when I will need to do that at university. Also by taking Art alongside my other subjects, it provides a break from my more academic subjects in order to do more practical work.

Unlike GCSE Art, I have a lot more freedom over my own work and so I create pieces of artwork that I’m a lot happier with. During the course so far I have been able to develop not only my practical skills, but also expand my knowledge on processes, techniques, materials and their properties. Even though the work load is larger, I feel this has taught me to be more organised and to manage my time more effectively.


I have found Art and design fascinating and when I picked Art and Design for my GCSE, I know I needed to expand my knowledge on the subject. That’s why I picked a BTEC in Art and Design at Sixth Form, as the course allows me to transform images in my mind into something tangible.

I am currently enjoying all the units I am doing, especially when it involves design and practical work. With amazing teachers guiding me throughout the way and resources I’m getting at the department, I can work independently without worries. When I complete all of my course I intend to go to University and do BA(Hons) Product Design.



I chose to do Art and design at A-level because I've always had a passion for creating. I wanted to extend my knowledge for the art world and this course allowed me to do so. We have a lot of fun in art and the atmosphere is like no other class, we have all become friends over the 2 years and we all work as a team to help and inspire our work.

For me personally my favourite unit was photography because it's something I have always enjoyed and wanted to experiment with, it was the first time I got to actually use film and develop it myself in the dark room, I learnt a lot about the settings and techniques for different cameras and it helped me a lot when creating my final piece.