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CACHE Level 2 Award in Children's Development and Care

CACHE Level 2 Award in Children’s Development and Care

This course is suited to students who are considering a career working with children as it delivers the theory behind working with young children under the age of 5years.

Topics studied



Learning outcomes

Unit 1

Introduction to working with children from birth to 5 years

  1. Understand the types of settings and local provision for children.
  2. Understand how to prepare for placement.
  3. Understand the responsibilities and limits of the early year’s worker in placements.
  4. Understand individual needs and the necessity for fairness and inclusive practice.
  5. Know own preferred learning style and develop relevant study skills.


Unit 2

Development and wellbeing of children from birth to 5 years

  1. Understand the expected pattern of holistic child development.
  2. Understand the importance of observations and assessments and how they support development.
  3. Understand factors that may affect children’s holistic development.
  4. Understand how to use everyday care routines and activities to support independence, health, safety and well-being.
  5. Understand how to support children through transitions in their lives.


Unit 3

Child care and development 0-5yrs

  1. Understand the stages of development of children aged 0-5 years.
  2. Understand factors that may affect children’s development.
  3. Know the variety of provision available for children in different sectors.
  4. Understand the responsibilities of early years workers working with children.
  5. Know own preferred learning style and relevant study skills.
  6. Understand how to support children’s development and meet their individual needs.

Methods of Assessment:

A variety of assignment tasks (24 throughout the duration of the two year course) which require applying the student’s knowledge gained in lessons as well as independent research.  Students need to also address the specific marking criteria for each levelled task.  Students are encouraged to present work in different ways to demonstrate skills however all work must be emailed to the teacher as it will be marked electronically.  Students will have access to their personalised mark sheet and will be able to improve and resubmit each assignment.   This will then be marked and will contribute to the final grade issued. 

Students are also required to pass an externally set synoptic multi-choice exam based on all units (Feb/March yr11)

This course enables students to go directly onto the level 3 vocational course of Child Care and education as well as onto an apprenticeship in Childcare.  The course can ultimately lead into employment in Early Years (eg Day nursery key worker or Children’s centre worker), Social Care (eg Residential Childcare worker or social worker) and Education (eg Learning mentor or Educational Welfare Officer).