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Biology in the Sixth Form

A-Level Biology

Building on the concepts and skills developed at GCSE, A-Level Biology is a challenging and exciting course that allows students to learn about key biological principles in current and relevant contexts.

AS Level Biology is assessed by two content-based exams. A Level Biology is assessed by three content-based exams, as well as a practical endorsement, which is internally assessed and externally moderated by Pearson.

Year 12 – AS Level Biology
Term 1 Topic 1; Lifestyle, Health and Risk
  • Transport around the body.
  • The heart and health.
  • Food and health.
  • The risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Topic 2; Genes and Health
  • Nucleic acids – the molecules of life.
  • The basis of genetics.
  • Transport across membranes.
  • In-depth study of a genetic disease.
Research Project
Term 2 Topic 3; The Voice of the Genome
  • Animal cells and asexual reproduction.
  • Sexual reproduction and cell specialisation.
  • Stem cells and beyond.
  • Expressing the genome.
Topic 4; Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • Plant structure.
  • Plants as natural resources.
  • Species and evolution.
  • The importance of biodiversity.
Term 3 Exam Preparation and Core Practical Work

Year 13 – A-Level Biology
Term 1 Topic 5; On the Wild Side
  • Photosynthesis
  • How ecosystems work.
  • Global warming – causes, effects and questions.
  • Speciation and evolution.
Topic 6; Infection, Immunity and Forensics
  • Forensic investigations and analysis of DNA.
  • Microorganisms and disease.
  • People versus pathogens.
Practical Project
Term 2 Topic 7; Run for Your Life
  • Cellular respiration – the energy supply.
  • Muscles and movement.
  • The heart, energy and exercise.
  • Health, exercise and sport.
Topic 8; Grey Matter
  • Sensitivity in plants.
  • How the nervous system works.
  • Brains and behaviour.
  • Brains, the genome and medicine.
Term 3 Exam Preparation and Core Practical Work