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Aspire Programme

Aspire and Aspire6

The Altrincham College Gifted and Talented Programme

Altrincham School, Trafford, Arts, College

Targeted at our gifted and talented students, the Aspire programme here at Altrincham College involves students who have already demonstrated high levels of academic attainment and those students who display a real talent and aptitude for a particular subject.

Aspire brings these students together to experience a 'stretch and challenge' opportunities programme across each year group, with the aim of ensuring our students access the very top GCSE and A-Level grades and develop highly ambitious aspirations for the future.

The programme will offer many opportunities for students including; University events both in and out of school, University campus visits and study skills events which specifically focus on achieving top GCSE grades.


Furthermore, students will participate in a ‘cultural challenge’ during their own time, which aims to develop confidence and allow students to gain new exciting and challenging experiences.

Altrincham School, Trafford, Arts