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Admissions to Year 7 September 2019

Advice for parents / carers

Advice for Parents

First day of term: Wednesday 4 September@ 8:45am


Please remember that, if your child currently receives Free School Meals, their entitlement does NOT automatically transfer to their Secondary School.

To check your child's eligibility for Free School Meals and to re-apply please use the link below:

Please note that Trafford no longer accept FSM applications over the phone.


If your child takes regular medication, or is prescribed medicine by the Doctor, you must notify school straightaway. Any medication, aside from 'epi-pens' and asthma inhalers, must not be carried around school as this presents a danger to other students.

Medicine, other than epi-pens and inhalers, must be handed into reception, in the original packaging, labelled with your child's name.

A form must also be completed (see below) to accompany the medicine.