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Revision Resources

End of Year Exam Revision Resources

Child Development Revision Resources

Which resources can I use to help me?

Key Stage 4:

Please click on the link below to view the course specification which outlines the course content and assessment:

We have a number of textbooks in school which have been endorsed by OCR and provide a wealth of information to support students learning. We have recently subscribed to an online teaching and learning package by Dynamic Learning where students can access digital resources and complete online tests to consolidate learning and track their progress.


Additional resources include:

  • Remote access to resources on the school network
  • Classwork/ notes
  • PowerPoints for each lesson
  • Past quizzes for individual topics
  • Revision booklet (available on resource area of the school network)
  • Glossaries booklets for each topic
  • YouTube links as listed in PowerPoints
  • Gojimo app for child development
  • Get revising flash cards
  • Reward for child development
  • Revision Guides (CGP, Collins)