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Admissions to Year 7 September 2017

Admissions to Year 7 September 2017

As the common round of applications for a place in Year 7 (September 2017) has now passed, if you are looking for a place in this year group, please contact for more advice.

We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students on the first day of new term -  Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 8.45am. New students should come into school through the main reception doors on their first day.

Key information for new parents/carers and students:

Please note: Petites Modes in Sale and Monkhouse in Altrincham are the only companies authorised to sell our uniforms. 

Monkhouse and Petites Modes are also the only suppliers of our PE kit.

All Year 7s are required to have an Art Pack. These packs are kept in school for students between art lessons, to avoid loss/damage.  The packs cost £3.50.

New students are advised to bring the following equipment, in a named pencil case:

  • pens (black and red)
  • pencils
  • gluestick
  • ruler
  • pencil crayons
  • pencil sharpener
  • rubber
  • scissors
  • scientific calculator (for Maths and Science) - teachers recommend Casio FxG83GTPLUS or Casio Fx-85GTPLUS 
  • a Spanish dictionary - teachers recommend the Collins’ "School Dictionaries" which include verb tables
  • 2 aprons: one for your Design Technology lessons and a second one for your Food & Nutrition lessons